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Support and Downloads

Here you can find useful information such as manuals, images, PDF catalogs and links to videos and more images.


- Assembly instructions Divide >>
- Assembly instructions Elkhorn >>

- Video: How to install the new Divide rack >>
- Video: How to install the new Elkhorn rack >>
- Video: How to mount a Sherpa rack on your bike >>



- Sherpa Front instructions >>
- Sherpa Rear MTB and Fat bikes instructions >>
- Sherpa Rear Road bikes instructions>>




Download manual Sherpa rear (old)>>
Download manual Cold Springs rear (old) >>
Download manual Red Rock rear (old) >>
Downlaod manual White Rock rear (old)>>


More than 400 pictures of examples of racks mounted on various bikes.

On Pinterest, we have uplodaded more than 400 pictures on 9 different Pin Boards in an effort to show you various examples of OMM racks mounted on different types of bicycles.

Pictures of Old Man Mountain racks>>
Pictures by users 1 >>

Pictures by users 2 >>
Pictures of Sherpa >>
Pictures of Pioneer >>
OMM for Fatbikes >>
Pictures of Ultimate Low Rider >>
OMM on eBikes >>
Sergioand Amelia with Carradice and Old Man Mountain >>

Watch video on youtube >>
Blog (Spanish) >>
FAQ (Spanish) >>

OMM University (Spanish)>>

Since the year 2005, Avantum Brands SL (Madrid) imports and sells Old Man Mountain racks to most EU countries.

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